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YH24/YH45 Series Dish Head Forming Hydraulic Press

This serial of product uses the latest high technology, and the main structure is four-column type, it is equipped with drawing and blanking holder. Using proportional control system, and using the closed-loop of proportional pressure valve to control the oil cylinder pressure, then the blanking force in the drawing process can be controlled accurately , also the best of the blanking force curve on the drawing can be controlled. It is mainly used in the production of large stainless steel, alloy steel and carbon steel head.

It is mainly used for carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel head cold pressing and hot pressing forming
Four column type structure with two slides, the blank holder slide will be connected by blank holder cylinder
Equipped with front moving bolster and part ejector device
Parameter by digital control, pressure closed-loop control
Blank-holder slide subparagraph pressure control
Die parameter memory function, fault diagnosis function
Safety equipment and safety control system

Options configuration
Quick die change system
Automatic loading system
Blank holder ring