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YH66 Series Hydro-forming Press and Production Line

Hydro-forming process:
The tube hydro-forming is a kind of manufacturing craft which infuses high pressure water into the tube, and make the tube wall into needed shape.
Hydro-forming is widely used in automobile chassis, engine bracket, exhaust pipe, cam shaft, and axle and chassis parts, it is one of the effective methods for lightweight vehicle.

Forming process route:
Tube material cutting — Bending (CNC bending machine) — Pre-forming (Pre forming hydraulic press and mold) — Coated and lubrication —Hydro-forming — Laser cutting —Burrs shearing and grinding — Surface treatment

Hydro-forming press and equipment:
Hydro-forming hydraulic press
For closing the mold and pressure controlling, when closing the mold the pressure can be coordinated control by the inside of pressure in tube. Generally the press can be four columns and frame type, the bolster and slider meet the requirement of stress concentration, and have good rigidity
Hydro-forming system
Pressure intensifier and servo hydraulic system, the low pressure intensifier driven by hydraulic oil, uses proportional servo control, the high pressure intensifier emulsion (95% water), the pressure is 250-400Mpa.
Adopts 1-2 sets pressure intensifier, when one mold with two cavities, adopt 2 sets of pressure intensifiers.
Water (95% water + 5% emulsion) system: including quick flushing, pressure intensifier fluid infusion, pre flushing, emulsion filtration etc.
Lateral side cylinder: servo control system ( two or four sets), the four sets of control system are suitable for one mold with two cavities, the interlock between lateral side cylinder position and pressure intensifier pressure, to achieve the feeding function
Punching and sealing system: Tube wall with the quick punching system, the sealing system for side punching heads seal.
The mold: mold base, mold cavity, servo cylinder (two or four sets), punching and ejecting cylinder, sealed cylinder.
Electrical system: Strong, week, multi axis (four or seven axis servo control) control interface and control software.