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YH73 Series Hydraulic Press for Compounding Products Forming

This serial hydraulic press with closed loop electro-hydraulic proportional control technology improves the speed, pressure and position control accuracy. The heating solution of the molding press includes electrical heating, oil heating, steam heating which can be choose by customers.
The hydraulic press can be matched with servo motor and pump drive, which can save energy by more than 50% and reduce noise by 10-30 db.
This series of products are widely used in aerospace, automotive, high-speed railway, home appliances, bathroom supplies and other fields.

The hot forming of organic materials, fiber board, glass steel and other non-metallic materials

Parameter digital control, pressure closed-loop control
Multiple prepressing and automatic exhausting control
No pressure descend to match the die
Die parameter memory function, fault diagnose function
The heating plate can be heated by electric heating, oil heating, and steam heating