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Hot Stamping & Press hardening

Hot stamping & Press hardening is one of the key technology for the automotive light weight solution today, high strength components will be first heated to Austenite temperature range in the furnace, then formed and harded in HFM’ high speed press with instant chilled water , the finished parts can be cutting by laser or by cutting tools as well.

As a turn key solution supplier, our whole package service includes:

Press machine,
Tooling and temperature control

Over 50 sets Hardening system have been delivered to the car OEM and Tie 1 suppliers worldwide.

Loading cell

At the beginning of the line consist of destacker., centering unit, and the feeding system, two destacker carts are furnished for non stop operation.


Both Roller furnace or Layer style furnace are available on request,suitable for batch production, or flexible trial production.

Press feeding

High speed manipulator or robot with special pick up will transfer the heated parts to the press after heating,today 1 stroke 2 and 4 parts are the main production method for efficiency.


To improve the cycling time and avoid temperature dropping of the parts after heating , HFM press is designed with super descend and return high speed upto 1000 mm/s, Dynamic Force Control technology enable up to 240mm/s rapid pressing speed.

Control and Safety

Safety is always the No 1 priority and beyond the top of all matter,the whole system is secured by safety fences and doors with safety locker, independent Safety PLC masters all safety signal and functions.

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