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YH27 Series Single Action And Deep Drawing Hydraulic Press

The serial hydraulic press structure are four columns and frame type, with low cushion pad, which can realize the sheet metal drawing, bending, forming, blanking, punching and flanging process. Mainly used in automobile light industry, household appliances, kitchen utensils, motorcycle.

It is suitable for sheet metal stamping, drawing, sizing, cold extrusion, cold forging and non-metal forming.

The two structures: Frame type and four column type
Safety device and safety control system
High efficiency of cooling device

Optional configuration
Forward movement bolster
Floating guide rail and bracket for die change
Full tonnage damper, for blanking and punching process
Parameter by digital control, pressure closed-loop control
Die parameter memory function, fault diagnose function
Hydraulic cushion pressure subdivision control
Mold identification system
Quick die clamping device
Automation production or automation interface
No pressure descend to match the die

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